August 11, 2022

Reactor city leading the offensive into enemy territory

Last Updated on December 9, 2021 by Nallib Tala

Level 3, and final of the pilot.

The enemy elite force is defending the Alien World Seed. The player is attacking the enemy main base in the region.

Human Units pushing/attacking in the background.

At the end of the stage there is a group of people setting up an explosive. Defend the technicians and shield personal.

At this point the offensive has failed and in the background humans are losing the fight.

Once the bomb is planted the technicians and crew escape before the heroes. a timer starts with the countdown

There is an empty corridor full of recent dead bodies. The technicians were slaughter.

The final boss is a shapeless organic monstrosity giant bio-machine that consumes the Earth resources and people to produce alien enemy units.

The final boss is an full screen machine throwing units and mixing them to create mutations and upgrades. They could be destroyed while creating. Once the thing is destroyed, a weak creature throws tentacles to absorb matter of the enemy survivors.

After absorbing them it becomes a bull-like monstrosity. Humans hover bikers come to rescue the Players.

The bull chases them through a big tunnel escape. The bull releases halfdead “unfinished” hover bikers as kamikazes.

Bikers movement is done by the player X and Y movement. The player can attack to the left and diagonal left.

The bull should be damaged enough before the time expires.

Bad ending if unable to do it.

Good ending if damaged before the countdown expires.